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Marching Back to Zuccotti Yesterday

Our mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, is the 12th richest man in America and the richest man in New York City. He also owns a large chunk of the media and its content through his corporation, Bloomberg Media.

So, is it surprising that the mainstream media, including the New York Times, is questioning the strength of the Occupy movement? This, after the military-style raid of Zuccotti Park carried out by New York City cops delegated by Bloomberg early Tuesday morning?

The simplistic and pedantic editorial found on the Bloomberg Media website says it all:

We agree with some of the arguments raised by the Occupy Wall Street protesters and disagree with many more — particularly the divisive, simplistic notion that society is a 99-percent-versus-1-percent dichotomy. But we applaud the discussion that’s been opened, and hope it can turn constructively to the mission of seeing that all Americans have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Bloomberg’s editors claim “an equal opportunity to succeed” for all Americans. Can they tell that to children born in the vast ghettos of this country, the ones starving, the ones that live in food deserts and the ones that are grossly less educated?

Is it surprising that Bloomberg Media’s stance is this idea that we in America all begin on equal footing? No. But it is inaccurate as well as “divisive” and “simplistic.” How about these statistics, Mr. Bloomberg? 46.2 million Americans live below the poverty line and 14.5 percent of American households are defined as food insecure. The Guardian website features a short video regarding these statistics and others.

Yesterday, Occupy Big Food marched down Broadway with protesters returning to the park, cops on motorcycles, armed to the gills and nipping at our heels with their weapons and vehicles. Though surrounded, the group persevered, drawing in more and more followers along the route. The mood was powerful, tense and somber, but relentlessly optimistic. It’s not about a park or one day or even one idea. The chant that was constantly heard was “This. Is. A peaceful protest.” And it was. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about OWS to this point is its ability to keep the peace. And keep going.

Police Evict Zuccotti Park Protesters Today

Today the peaceful protestors of Zuccotti Park were evicted from what has become the heart and physical center of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

The eviction was implemented by the richest man in New York City — who happens to also be our mayor, Michael Bloomberg — under the premise that the park had become unsanitary as well as a fire and safety hazard.

It is imperative that we join with the greater movement on Thursday, November 17th for the Day of Action.

This movement is only beginning. Please plan on joining up on Nov 17th.

Saturday’s Rally Audio Clips

Here are the audio clips from our rally on Saturday. Thanks to Jack Inslee of Heritage Radio Network for recording and putting this together. You’ll hear from Anna Lappe, Marion Nestle, and others active in the food movement. You’ll also hear thundersnow! The storm was intense but we still managed to express our frustration and concern with our food supply. We’ll post an update soon for when we will hold our next rally!

Saturday’s Rally Audio Clips

Our First Rally

Those who braved the elements to Occupy Big Food

We held our first rally October 29 at the Big Red Cube across from Zuccotti Park to Occupy Big Food. Despite the wind, rain, snow, and thunder about 30 people came out to show support.

This was just the first in series of events that we will organize, stay tuned for updates!

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