Stand in Solidary with Farmers & Against Monsanto

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4 thoughts on “Stand in Solidary with Farmers & Against Monsanto

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  2. Fuck monsanto!

  3. This is outstanding. I will tell absolutely everyone I contact today. Maybe even on a tour through every fast food restaurant. IMAGINE! What if your favorite taco bell meals, burgers, etc. could finally be sold without immeasurably poisonous, untested chemicals specifically made with the intention of genetic modification. Which just so happens to be MODIFYING YOUR GENES. Which you don’t want. Trust me. Spread the word, and don’t let this stop at the seeds, what about all the hundreds of farmers whose entire property they LOAN SHARKed themselves into owning. Watch “food inc” or maybe go research TBHQ (Tetrabutri-hydroquinol), which is in every ingredient taco bell has. TBHQ consequently has scientifically proven negative effects on the reproduction of your genes.

  4. How about the rest of the country standing in solidarity by
    1. Only buying organic/non-GMO food from Farmer’s Markets or the organic section of the store.
    2. Not buy anything processed.
    3. Support your local restaurants that serve local and/or sustainably grown food.

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