Occupy Big Food on BBC Worldwide

Illustration by Brian Lawless*

After our amazing and inspiring rally yesterday, the BBC called and asked me to come on the program Up All Night to talk about my article on the Huffington Post, “Congress Declares Pizza A Vegetable?” and Occupy Big Food. The program’s host, Dotun, is really funny — especially when he says, “Kristin, let’s be honest, Americans don’t know what a vegetable is.” Please take a listen!

Thank you to all who came out and supported the movement yesterday! This is only the very beginning of a growing and deeply needed movement. We are already planning our second rally which will feature some exciting performers. We look forward to building and growing this movement with all of you.

Click the play button below to hear my segment

*For more of Brian’s artwork and sounds visit Wasteland Lotus


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3 thoughts on “Occupy Big Food on BBC Worldwide

  1. Brilliant!
    Target TriBeCa mothers they will lov your movement…

  2. Julie Fisher on said:

    Here in Missouri, the fight to win back our family farms and rural communities from the devastation of corporate agribusiness goes on, as it has for years. It’s exciting when unified voices from urban America, through the Heartland, and across the rural West, take on this fight. We’re making progress. Why else do they need to try to sneak in a “secret” Farm Bill? Yet there’s so much more work to be done.

  3. I used to say that permaculture will solve all the world’s problems. However, now that government agencies are harassing small farmers and urban gardeners, and giving big ag financial aid to destroy land, water and our health, I think the government as it is must be replaced. Replaced with leadership that has the ethics of permaculture.

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