We have created a petition to tell Butterball—the number one producer of turkeys in America—that Americans are no longer going to purchase turkeys that are inhumanely treated, or support a factory-farm system that creates dire environmental and health consequences. Please sign the petition here.


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3 thoughts on “See You Tomorrow – OCCUPY BIG FOOD TAKE II

  1. Thank you, thank you. I’m so happy occupiers are beginning to address the food issue. I run an organic microfarm and I share my harvest through a spring/summer CSA. I care about good wholesome food and I’m shocked at the things Big Food does to animals. The industrial food system is bad for farmers, livestock, and consumers alike. We can’t produce everything we need so I buy what I can from other small producers. You can find alternative sources on and so you don’t have to spend your food dollars with companies you can’t respect.

  2. Brilliant idea!
    keep it up

  3. This is fantastic! We are in desperate need to take back our foodways! Every time we try to do it the little guy just gets crushed. Right now in North America there is this huge push to eliminate all small local community dairies and small diverse farms.

    Biodynamic farmer Michael Schmidt is just one example of a true old-school wise farmer being bullied, harrassed and abused for no good reason.

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