Move Your Money – Bank Transfer Day is Here

Solidarity March today near Foley Square

Today is Bank Transfer Day. Please take the opportunity to join the movement to move your money out of the hands of big banks and into smaller, more secure and reliable banks and credit unions.

Information and support can be found here:

And a wonderful article on the matter, by Anna Lappé, can be found on Civil Eats

This is a huge step in getting corporations and their CEOs to recognize that their practices of over-charging, secret fees and giving their top earners huge bonuses (while the government, aka taxpayers, ‘bail them out’ of crisis) is unacceptable.

Move your money today.

Photo by Kristin Wartman


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One thought on “Move Your Money – Bank Transfer Day is Here

  1. What would really hurt the lords of Wall Street would be to empty pensions and investment portfolios and then put the money into independent funds that grow forests, build sustainable communities, rehabilitate degraded land, foster small farms and home gardens, and make small loans to people to insulate their homes, install rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic or solar hot water and home heating systems, and other ethical/appropriate/sustainable systems. Does such a beast exist?

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